Definition of coated in English:


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in combination ‘plastic-coated wire’
  • ‘I used two brass pulleys that hung from a 90 foot plastic coated cable that was extended over an outside lane.’
  • ‘He knew he should hate this red coated soldier in front of him, but all he could see was a frightened boy, a boy no older than himself.’
  • ‘It improves the appearance of short coated dogs, and is essential for those with long coats.’
  • ‘He rested his eyes on a blue coated figure standing at the main mast top yard.’
  • ‘He then turned off down another sidewalk, not looking back at all and leaving Nadda standing alone on the ice coated concrete.’
  • ‘After what seemed like hours of relentless paddling through slime coated water, Allie felt herself slowing.’
  • ‘She could see the hole in the ice coated street left by the explosion.’
  • ‘It seemed like the perfect weapon, 50 feet tall and made of a powerful diamond coated alloy.’
  • ‘She led them into a large cave, with water trickling down the moss-coated walls.’
  • ‘She said this before sliding the plastic coated menu open and sliding her eyes over the list of choices.’



/ˈkōdəd/ /ˈkoʊdəd/