Definition of coatimundi in English:


Pronunciation /kōˌädēˈməndē/ /koʊˌɑdiˈməndi/


another term for coati
‘Likelier to be encountered are javelinas (collared peccaries) and coatimundis (large, ring-tailed cousins of the raccoon).’
  • ‘Among the animals selected are birds of assorted sizes and habits, tortoises, iguanas, and mammals (especially primates but also peccaries, agoutis, and coatimundis).’
  • ‘At the visitor center, you can learn about the park's many inhabitants, among them deer, peccaries, and coatimundis (a raccoonlike animal ranging from Central America into Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona).’
  • ‘When Foster lost his funding, he left Matola with custody of two jaguars, a puma, an anteater, a tayra, three coatimundis, five curassows, and a cage of parrots.’
  • ‘A coatimundi raccoon is still on the rescue centre site because it can't be moved as it comes under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act.’


Late 17th century from Portuguese, from Tupi kuatimu'ne, from kua'ti (see coati) + mu'ne ‘snare or trick’. The coatimundi was originally thought to be a different species from the coati.