Definition of cobalamin in English:


Pronunciation /kōˈbôləmēn/ /koʊˈbɔləmin/


  • Any of a group of cobalt-containing substances including cyanocobalamin (vitamin B₁₂).

    ‘The enzyme catalyzes the first common step in the biosynthesis of the tetrapyrrole pigments such as chlorophyll and cobalamin.’
    • ‘Vitamin B12 is actually a family of compounds called cobalamins, each of which has its own potential biological activity, in terms of absorption and potency.’
    • ‘It is unknown whether lowering plasma homocysteine levels with folic acid and cobalamin improves coronary endothelial function in patients.’
    • ‘People absorb less cobalamin from foods that contain the vitamin - dairy products and fish - as they grow older.’
    • ‘A deficiency of B12, or cobalamin, is also known to cause delays of motor and language skills in children.’


1950s blend of cobalt and vitamin.