Definition of cobweb spider in English:

cobweb spider

Pronunciation /ˈkäbˌweb ˈspīdər/ /ˈkɑbˌwɛb ˈspaɪdər/


  • A spider that builds tangled three-dimensional webs.

    Family Theridiidae: many species, class Arachnida

    ‘The best way to tell the difference between orb-weavers and cobweb spiders is by looking at the web.’
    • ‘Most all cobweb spiders are harmless with the exception of the potentially dangerous widow spiders.’
    • ‘Although many spiders are able to chew solid food, cobweb spiders like the black widow feed only on the fluids inside their prey.’
    • ‘The American house spider is a common cobweb spider, effectively traps both flying and crawling insects, and is incapable of biting man.’
    • ‘We have a few garage spiders with egg sacks too - I think they're a type of cobweb spider.’