Definition of coccidia in English:


Pronunciation /käkˈsidēə/ /kɑkˈsɪdiə/

plural nouncoccidium

  • Parasitic protozoa of a group that includes those that cause diseases such as coccidiosis and toxoplasmosis.

    Suborder Eimeriorina (formerly order or subclass Coccidia), phylum Sporozoa

    ‘I tested these hypotheses experimentally in a host-parasite system involving wild turkeys and their intestinal protozoal parasites, the eimerian coccidia.’
    • ‘We used fecal egg counts to measure intensity of infection by T. tenuis worms and coccidia.’
    • ‘We added the chemical to the drinking water during the pretreatment period to prevent the spread of coccidia, a common endoparasite of house finches.’
    • ‘Drug-resistant coccidia parasites are on the rise, reducing the effectiveness of antibiotics.’
    • ‘We tested whether male finches with experimentally elevated testosterone would be more likely to harbor coccidia, protozoan parasites that may cause coccidiosis.’


Mid 19th century from modern Latin (former order name), from Greek kokkis, diminutive of kokkos ‘berry’.