Definition of coccidiosis in English:


Pronunciation /käkˌsidēˈōsəs/ /kɑkˌsɪdiˈoʊsəs/


  • A disease of birds and mammals that chiefly affects the intestines, caused by coccidia.

    The coccidia belong to the genera Eimeria, Isopora, and others

    ‘In recent years, poultry production has become increasingly threatened by a major parasitic disease called coccidiosis.’
    • ‘Water was supplemented with the chemical, to suppress Isosporan coccidiosis, an ubiquitous disease of goldfinches that will quickly kill aviary birds.’
    • ‘Male house finches, experimentally infected with coccidiosis grow a less red plumage and are less often selected by females.’
    • ‘Very little is known of the epidemiology of coccidiosis in free-living wild turkeys.’
    • ‘Preventive drug treatment for coccidiosis costs the industry over $600 million annually in addition to the disease related losses incurred by commercial growers.’


Late 19th century from coccidium (singular of modern Latin Coccidia; see coccidia)+ -osis.