Definition of coccidiostat in English:


Pronunciation /käkˈsidēōˌstat/ /kɑkˈsɪdioʊˌstæt/


Veterinary Medicine
  • A substance administered to poultry, cattle, puppies, and kittens to retard the growth and reproduction of coccidian parasites.

    ‘Starter mash for chicks and poults usually has amprolium added, which is a coccidiostat.’
    • ‘Several factors may cause an outbreak of coccidiosis, even if a coccidiostat is present in the ration.’
    • ‘Broilers must not be given coccidiostats within a few days of slaughter for human consumption.’
    • ‘The dried product containing the coccidiostat is admixed with the normal feed ration and fed to the animal.’
    • ‘As a result of this contamination, residues of coccidiostats might appear in animal products like eggs or meat.’