Definition of coccinellid in English:



  • A beetle of a family (Coccinellidae) that includes the ladybugs.

    ‘Predaceous arthropods were tallied and assigned to general taxonomic groups: spiders, hymenopterans, hemipterans, and coccinellids.’
    • ‘In their exposed position near the tip of a growing shoot, the nymphs are preyed upon by a diverse array of invertebrates such as coccinellid beetle larvae, spiders, and wasps.’
    • ‘Both plataspid species are prey of the coccinellid beetle, whose larvae always detected them by contact.’
    • ‘The average rate of dispersal for four species of adventive coccinellids now established on Cape Breton Island was estimated to range from 30 to 400 km/yr.’
    • ‘There is growing concern that predaceous coccinellids introduced into North America may have negative impacts on native ladybird beetles.’



/ˌkäksəˈnelid/ /ˌkɑksəˈnɛlɪd/


Late 19th century from modern Latin Coccinellidae (plural), from the genus name Coccinella, from Latin coccineus ‘scarlet’.