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  • Extremely and obviously pleased, especially about a triumph or success.

    ‘the team is cock-a-hoop at winning its first game of the season’
    • ‘Organisers of the celebrations are cock-a-hoop at news that the guitarist will open an architecture festival in the city next month.’
    • ‘Far from being worried, I suspect Sir David is cock-a-hoop at the comparison.’
    • ‘The company is cock-a-hoop at its performance, especially in light of the difficult trading conditions.’
    • ‘Naturally the tech giant is cock-a-hoop at the prediction.’
    • ‘He himself is cock-a-hoop, as you can imagine.’
    • ‘No wonder the players were all cock-a-hoop in the dressing room after the game.’
    • ‘Every politician likes to be associated with good news and he was cock-a-hoop.’
    • ‘I think there has been a real improvement in then quality of teaching over the last ten years and we are cock-a-hoop.’
    • ‘Jack's cock-a-hoop to be abroad again, though.’
    • ‘In contrast, the candidate's supporters were cock-a-hoop.’
    • ‘If it is not, then many MEPs will be cock-a-hoop.’
    • ‘‘Don't be too cock-a-hoop,’ he told Labour's enemies at the height of the party's crisis.’
    • ‘Students were cock-a-hoop as they collected their results allowing them to go on to study for A-levels or take their first steps into employment.’
    • ‘After the game he said the players ‘were cock-a-hoop but soon brought back down to earth again by what's going to happen’.’
    • ‘In summary then, you could say that I wasn't exactly cock-a-hoop when the summer holidays ended and the new school year began.’
    • ‘Why are the workers not entirely cock-a-hoop about the plans?’
    • ‘Villagers were cock-a-hoop today after the Army stepped in to save a new village hall that has stood empty for 14 years.’
    • ‘The software giant is cock-a-hoop with the decision of the PC assemblers to pre-install their operating system.’
    • ‘I'm cock-a-hoop because it basically means the Premiership teams have embarrassed themselves and that can only be a good thing.’
    • ‘We're just cock-a-hoop here and Birmingham reaped the dividends on Wednesday, which didn't surprise me.’
    cheerful, happy, jolly, merry, bright, sunny, joyous, light-hearted, in good spirits, in high spirits, sparkling, bubbly, effervescent, exuberant, ebullient, cock-a-hoop, breezy, airy, cheery, sprightly, jaunty, smiling, grinning, beaming, laughing, mirthful, radiant



/ˌkäkəˈho͞op/ /ˌkɑkəˈhup/


Mid 17th century from the phrase set cock a hoop, of unknown origin, apparently denoting the action of turning on the tap and allowing liquor to flow (prior to a drinking session).