Definition of cock one's ear in English:

cock one's ear


  • 1(of a dog) raise its ears to an erect position.

    ‘the animal responded to the noise by cocking its ears’
    • ‘He tilted his head and cocked his foxlike ears at an angle that mirrored the devilish sparkle in his brown eyes.’
    • ‘He cocked his ears and tilted his head to study the other with cold eyes.’
    1. 1.1(of a person) listen attentively to or for something.
      ‘she held up a finger for silence, cocking an ear to the background music’
      • ‘She suddenly stopped speaking, and cocked her ear to listen to something.’
      • ‘Every so often, if you tilt your head, cock your ear, and concentrate, you'll be able to hear the low rumble of political organisation coming out of the otherwise-ordinary environment that surrounds you.’
      • ‘There, he said, cocking his ear, don't you hear someone calling you?’
      • ‘Jennifer breathed, cocking her ear to the sound of the blasts.’
      • ‘Aaron cocked his ear to one side as he usually did when trying to hear something and said, ‘Sounds like the shed door.’’
      • ‘He struck his six-iron well enough and cocked his ear to pick up the hum of appreciation at the other end.’
      • ‘Wesley heard a sound and cocked his ear in the direction.’
      • ‘She stiffened and cocked her ear, hoping to hear something.’
      • ‘She hefted the large mass of weaponry with great difficulty, and then cocked her ear.’
      • ‘Because of the confidential tone that my voice had taken, every ear in the room was cocked in our direction.’