Definition of cock one's eye in English:

cock one's eye


  • Glance in a quizzical or knowing manner with a raised eyebrow.

    ‘he cocked an eye speculatively over the rim of his glass’
    • ‘He looks straight into the camera, cocks his eye and speaks.’
    • ‘Brian cocked his eye, a puzzled look crossing his face.’
    • ‘He wasn't going to wear three-piece suits, and stay absolutely sober 24 hours a day, and never cock his eye when a good-looking woman went past.’
    • ‘The director suggests that he should cock his eye in a way that is funnier than he imagined, judging from his enthusiastic response.’
    • ‘I like the way that she never stops distrusting Sam and even cocks her eye irritatedly at him when they are forced to impersonate a married couple.’