Definition of cockfighting in English:



mass noun
  • The sport (illegal in the UK and some other countries) of setting two cocks to fight each other.

    • ‘Like circuses, cockfighting, and greyhound racing, frog jumping promotes the message that animals exist purely to entertain us.’
    • ‘It appears morally equivalent to blood sports such as bearbaiting and cockfighting that have been illegal for some two centuries.’
    • ‘Despite being illegal in Ireland, the blood sport of cockfighting still takes place in some parts of the country.’
    • ‘The state senate is currently considering a bill that would toughen penalties for cockfighting and dog fighting.’
    • ‘Some women said they were turned off by his support for the bloody sport of cockfighting, an issue that was highlighted by ads from an animal rights group.’
    • ‘For men, cockfighting, partridge fighting, and pigeon flying (and betting on the outcome) are favorite pastimes.’
    • ‘It isn't hard to guess that most westerners are appalled at the levels of violence and animal cruelty that go hand in hand with the sport of cockfighting.’
    • ‘They live in Louisiana, Texas, and other surrounding states - where cockfighting is illegal.’
    • ‘Some birds are smuggled into the U.S. for illegal cockfighting, while others supply specialty markets.’
    • ‘Other popular sports include horse racing and cockfighting.’
    • ‘Do we have congressional support of an appropriations bill to crack down on illegal cockfighting and dogfighting.’
    • ‘Gambling is popular among adults, but many traditional sports such as cockfighting have been banned.’
    • ‘In both these cases, as with Devonshire wrestling, cockfighting or bull baiting, the sports had become less popular and/or illegal over the Victorian period.’
    • ‘But I hope they can see that it is an emotive topic, but one which is qualitatively different to cockfighting, bull-fighting or badger-baiting.’
    • ‘The statute cited as banning cockfighting is quite clear that it is illegal for spectators and vendors to appear.’
    • ‘The stocky, pot-bellied man who wears a wide-brimmed hat made of palm leaves, admits cockfighting is brutal but says the roosters are born to fight.’
    • ‘Some tourist agencies even promote cockfighting!’
    • ‘They are the kind of people who have little compassion for anything wild and are happy to participate in such pursuits as dogfighting and cockfighting.’
    • ‘I had invited a member of the animal rights group on to talk about cockfighting, of which I'm an advocate.’
    • ‘She is the director of the Humane Society campaign against animal cruelty and organized animal fighting, such as cockfighting.’