Definition of cocktail napkin in English:

cocktail napkin


  • A small napkin designed to be placed under a drink when it is served.

    ‘E-mail, like nearly all writing (including things written on a blackboard or a cocktail napkin, if they're more than just a few words), is automatically copyrighted.’
    • ‘My apologies to the guy next to me whose cocktail napkin I filched to dab my eyes.’
    • ‘I felt fantastic until I looked over my shoulder and saw her alone at the bar wiping her watery eyes with a tattered cocktail napkin.’
    • ‘In the state of Colorado, in regard to inheritance rights, you can write a will on a cocktail napkin and it's valid.’
    • ‘‘And what secret would that be?’ she asked, taking the cocktail napkin and blotting her lips.’
    • ‘I wrote everything down on a cocktail napkin so I wouldn't forget any details for my loyal readers.’
    • ‘When David handed her a ball-point, she scrawled on a cocktail napkin the first combination of numbers that came to mind, then handed it to him with a disarming smile.’
    • ‘Ruhlen and some associates have published a paper in a place so obscure they might as well have scratched it on a cocktail napkin somewhere.’
    • ‘The days are long gone when ideas scribbled on a cocktail napkin were enough to build a startup or take a business to the next level.’
    • ‘I found the cocktail napkin with the whole screenplay on it.’
    • ‘Who would want to read a novel only to find that the last quarter of it consists of notes sketched on a cocktail napkin?’
    • ‘The terms of his employment contract could fit on a cocktail napkin.’
    • ‘At the door to the baths, I was handed a towel the size of a cocktail napkin and told to put my clothes in a basket.’
    • ‘Next to an open bottle of Chardonnay on the glass tabletop a gold earring lay on a cocktail napkin.’
    • ‘Not everybody can start with a wee idea scribbled on the back of a cocktail napkin and turn it into something huge.’
    • ‘This code is small enough to put on a cocktail napkin.’
    • ‘That'll teach me to use a stack of cocktail napkins as a reporter's notepad.’
    • ‘Miss Adams, on your way to my apartment tonight, will you pick up four dozen cocktail napkins for the party.’
    • ‘Set out a cork screw, bottle opener, swizzle sticks, cocktail napkins and all the necessary ingredients for making the beverages you are offering.’
    • ‘Utensil storage for stirrers and cocktail napkins, as well as glass storage, are also necessary.’