Definition of codetermination in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkōdəˌtərməˈnāSH(ə)n/ /ˌkoʊdəˌtərməˈneɪʃ(ə)n/


  • Cooperation between management and workers in decision-making, especially by the representation of workers on boards of directors.

    ‘Equally worrying, the board structure dictated by co-determination saps good governance.’
    • ‘The chancellor has declined to alter the co-determination of company decisions exercised by management and labor jointly.’
    • ‘The particular German contribution to this was the development of limited workers' participation in management, the so-called co-determination.’
    • ‘A particular feature of German industrial relations is the participation of workers in company decision-making under the policy of co-determination or Mitbestimmung.’
    • ‘The system of co-determination - where half of the supervisory board is appointed by shareholders and the other half by employees - is an obstacle to good corporate governance.’
    • ‘Germany's system of co-determination provides for equal participation of managers and employee representatives on companies' supervisory boards.’
    • ‘When the next government comes in, we need more radical changes to labour laws, right up to eliminating co-determination.’
    • ‘The administration's unwillingness to help eliminate co-determination is an example of how the government has failed to increase the attractiveness of business in Germany.’
    • ‘He testified that all other parties represented in the German parliament did not regard their right to co-determination as having been violated.’
    • ‘They even believe in co-determination, where unions and managers talk about strategy, as a means of enlisting their workers' engagement and loyalty.’
    • ‘The works committees and the union functionaries are firmly anchored in the conceptions of co-determination and class collaboration.’
    • ‘Indeed, the schemes of co-determination in Germany constitute functioning examples of shareholders sharing control with one other stakeholder group, namely the employees.’
    • ‘In the end they insisted only on co-determination in the coal and steel industry.’