Definition of codification in English:



mass noun
  • The action or process of arranging laws or rules according to a system or plan.

    ‘a codification of existing common-law principles’
    ‘the formal codification of yoga in India’
    • ‘The conferences made important advances in codification of the laws of land warfare.’
    • ‘Lingering on under a six-month extension, the agency busied itself mostly with writing official histories of the codification experience.’
    • ‘The very thing that enables expertise to develop, namely the codification of expert language, leads inevitably to entrainment of thinking.’
    • ‘The nobility sought to defend its privileged status against incomers by genealogical codification, strict endogamy, or legal barriers.’
    • ‘The colonial government attempted to reorganize the land tenure system to encourage the codification of individual land holdings.’
    • ‘The publishing industry was linked to the "laws"—in the form of rule books, grammars, and other forms of codification—that began to thrive in 18th-century England.’
    • ‘By 1924, the codification of "classical narrative cinema" in Hollywood was complete.’
    • ‘The caste system was envisaged as the expression and codification of the social and ethnic realities inherent in all societies.’
    • ‘It wasn't really codification, because Congress did not set down a legislative rule to supplant the judicial one.’
    • ‘Templar constructions were not reflections of some mystical codifications.’