Definition of codomain in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkōˌdōˈmān/ /ˌkoʊˌdoʊˈmeɪn/ /ˈkōdōˌmān/ /ˈkoʊdoʊˌmeɪn/


  • A set that includes all the possible values of a given function.

    ‘The set S is called the domain of the function, and the set T is called the codomain of the function.’
    • ‘For similar reasons, 2D sheets only display nicely if their codomain is 8 bits deep.’
    • ‘Note that this means that the domain and codomain of input constraints must be the same - if this is not the case, an exception is raised.’
    • ‘In a computer program, the data types of the arguments to a function and the data type of the return value specify respectively, the domain and codomain of a function.’
    • ‘The user accomplished this pairing by highlighting r in the domain and e in the codomain, and clicking the map button.’