Definition of coeducational in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkōˌejəˈkāSHənl/ /ˌkoʊˌɛdʒəˈkeɪʃənl/ /ˌkōˌejəˈkāSHnəl/ /ˌkoʊˌɛdʒəˈkeɪʃnəl/

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See co-education

‘I'm currently sixteen years old, and I attend a co-educational boarding school.’
  • ‘It is a co-educational Catholic grammar school but it is open to students of all faiths and encourages the development of all in their own faith.’
  • ‘I am confident that this report is commensurate with our status as one of the leading co-educational boarding schools in the north of England.’
  • ‘We have a great opportunity to create one of the most prestigious and distinctive co-educational day schools in the country.’
  • ‘The college will be co-educational with accommodation for 700 students.’