Definition of coelenteron in English:


Pronunciation /sēˈlen(t)əˌrän/ /siˈlɛn(t)əˌrɑn/


  • The central gastric cavity of a coelenterate.

    ‘The anthozoans are diploblastic animals developing from two epithelial germ cell layers: the ectoderm, facing the seawater, and the endoderm, facing the gastrovascular cavity or coelenteron.’
    • ‘The oral tentacles then pass the paralysed prey to the mouth and into the coelenteron for digestion.’
    • ‘This means they have just one opening into the coelenteron which serves as both a mouth and an anus.’
    • ‘Water entering the coelenteron through the mouth leaves the body through the pores.’
    • ‘In response to vigorous stimuli the longitudinal muscles contract and the mouth opens, forcing the water out of the coelenteron and flattening the sea anemone against the bottom.’