Definition of coelomic in English:


(also celomic)



See coelom

‘The reproductive system is composed of a single saccular gonad in a coelomic pouch lying dorsal to the digestive system.’
  • ‘The soft parts in the axial canal of the stem consist of nerve cords, coelomic cavities, and associated organs which require more metabolic maintenance.’
  • ‘These characters would have facilitated volume changes of the coelomic cavity due to dorso-ventral rotation of the ‘synsacrum’ on the dorsal vertebrae.’
  • ‘Embryonic coelomic structures have specific fates as the bilaterally symmetrical larvae metamorphose into radially symmetric adults.’
  • ‘A number of other volatile, low molecular mass compounds were found in the coelomic fluid of these and other nereid species and thought to play a role in their reproduction.’