Definition of coelurosaur in English:



  • A small, slender bipedal carnivorous dinosaur with long forelimbs, believed to be an evolutionary ancestor of birds.

    Infraorder Coelurosauria, suborder Theropoda, order Saurischia: many genera

    • ‘Recent studies have agreed that T. rex and the tyrannosaurs belong with the coelurosaurs, not with the carnosaurs as was originally believed.’
    • ‘Predatory dinosaurs of the Jurassic included fearsome carnosaurs such as Allosaurus, small, fast coelurosaurs, and ceratosaurs such as Dilophosaurus.’
    • ‘Around the same time the allosaurs appeared, another subgroup of the tetanurans, the coelurosaurs, also branched off.’
    • ‘Most skin impressions from dinosaurs indicate the presence of naked skin, except for integumentary structures in coelurosaurs that may have afforded thermal insulation.’
    • ‘This little animal, Sinosauropteryx, is a fairly primitive coelurosaur, so you would not expect to see feathers on it.’


1950s from Greek koilos ‘hollow’ + oura ‘tail’ + sauros ‘lizard’.