Definition of coelurosaurian in English:


Pronunciation /-ˌlo͝orəˈsôrēən/


See coelurosaur

‘The discovery of coelurosaurian dinosaurs with remnants of several kinds of integumentary structures, including feathers, has revolutionized our thinking about the origin of feathers.’
  • ‘He proposed that ratites and small coelurosaurian dinosaurs shared a common ancestor, and that the ancestors of ratites never acquired flight.’
  • ‘Some archosaurs, such as birds and coelurosaurian dinosaurs also developed large brains, indicating a higher level of intelligence.’
  • ‘When birds became small, having evolved from larger coelurosaurian dinosaurs, how did they change their growth strategy?’
  • ‘The first birds shared several major skeletal characteristics with many coelurosaurian dinosaurs.’