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  • another term for coeval

    ‘his greatest rival and coetaneous critic’
    • ‘A four-decade-long study has found that the incidence of coetaneous melanoma rose by a factor of more than 6 from 1970-1979 through 2000-2009.’
    • ‘The discovery of the circulation of blood, which was coetaneous with baroque culture, confirmed this general law that ruled everywhere.’
    • ‘His arrival was coetaneous with the announcement of an important change in the commercial intercourse between England and India.’
    • ‘The surviving Castilian version is a coetaneous copy rather than the original.’
    • ‘Supposing either to be coetaneous with the reputed date of 1133, the room was built and fitted up before the Royal-hall of the Westminster Palace.’
    contemporaneous, concurrent, coeval, synchronous, synchronic, of the time, of the day, simultaneous



/ˌkōəˈtānēəs/ /ˌkoʊəˈteɪniəs/


Early17th century from Latin coaetaneus ‘contemporaneous’ (from aetas ‘age’) + -ous.