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  • 1Extending over the same space or time; corresponding exactly in extent.

    ‘There was an Enlightenment tendency to believe that the same moral principles were to be found in every society, so universality must have seemed coextensive with humanity.’
    • ‘The process of acquiring a self is coextensive with the socialization of a child.’
    • ‘By plotting the enemy strongholds on the map it is at once evident that they are coextensive with two pathways.’
    • ‘So advertising is now officially coextensive with all media?’
    • ‘The range of problems they can handle will be coextensive with the range to which the human mind has been applied.’
    • ‘I tend to get a bit spun if people ask me what I mean, since in terms of the way I interface with this forum, ‘what I mean’ is coextensive with ‘what I have written’.’
    • ‘Acceptance ‘for the group’ with collective commitment can be viewed in this context as coextensive with acceptance in the we-mode.’
    • ‘It certainly includes his notion of falsifiability, but it is hardly coextensive with it.’
    • ‘Educators often assumed that religious principles and biblical knowledge were coextensive with science, history, and languages.’
    • ‘First, there are the promotional or attitude groups: these advocate a cause and their potential membership is, in theory, coextensive with the entire population.’
    • ‘It is a collective term for the geographic and social varieties of English spoken in that part of the US roughly coextensive with the former slave-holding states.’
    • ‘Indeed, once the principle is recognized, the relevant database is essentially coextensive with natural history.’
    • ‘He has this blinkered view in which the classic Darwinian question of adaptation is somehow becoming coextensive with all of evolutionary theory.’
    • ‘The notion of personhood identifies a category of morally considerable beings that is thought to be coextensive with humanity.’
    • ‘It is of more than passing interest that for thousands of years economic international systems were not coextensive with military-political ones.’
    • ‘There is the mistaken belief that collective security is coextensive with the entire security structure, which it is not.’
    • ‘The notion of the will, as I am employing it, is not coextensive with the notion of first-order desires.’
    • ‘A speech community is not necessarily coextensive with a language community.’
    • ‘While the relationship of magic to science was not one of pure antagonism, neither were they coextensive.’
    • ‘Although we all want laws which are moral, the legal and the moral are not the same thing: they are not coextensive domains.’
    1. 1.1(of a term) denoting the same referent as another.
      ‘We are forced to rely on necessary truths because truth values cannot pick out synonymous pairs - otherwise you fail to account for coextensive terms.’
      • ‘These terms are made coextensive with the temporal span of Maisie's childhood; as the preface puts it, ‘she wonders… to the end-the death of her childhood’.’
      • ‘It is coextensive with general election, but is broader than special election.’



/ˌkōəkˈstensiv/ /ˌkoʊəkˈstɛnsɪv/