Definition of coffee-table book in English:

coffee-table book

Pronunciation /ˈkɔfi ˌteɪbəl ˈˌbʊk/


  • A large, expensive, lavishly illustrated book, especially one intended only for casual reading.

    ‘Whether this text is considered an art book or a coffee-table book, people can generate discussions by looking at these pictures.’
    • ‘The book itself is very pretty and would make a lovely coffee-table book - if you're not hung up with silly things like dignity or self-respect that is.’
    • ‘This is not quite a coffee-table book, and not quite a read-through book.’
    • ‘The 9 x 12-inch format; large, crisp, widely spaced text; and high-quality semiglossy images give it more the appearance of a coffee-table book than a serious textbook.’
    • ‘The coffee-table book tends to emphasize pictures over text, with a dazzling number and variety of colorful images but only a modest amount of often-mediocre text.’
    • ‘Well, even if you happen to be fixated on one life in particular, be it Einstein or Frank Sinatra, you can find a coffee-table book with a pictorial biography of your hero.’
    • ‘The DVD package is accompanied by a hardcover coffee-table book plus a whole raft of soundtrack CDs.’
    • ‘It will be designed as a coffee-table book, with photographs and illustrations representing Bangalore in all its diversity.’
    • ‘It is not exactly a coffee-table book, but anyone reading this book will inevitably spend hours gazing through the wonderful photographs.’
    • ‘He gave me a coffee-table book about the 60s mod scene and there are shots of gigs at the Marquee I know I was at.’
    • ‘It looked fantastic, as if prepared for a coffee-table book on cocktails, but quite apart from aesthetics and taste, it delivered the kick of a young mule.’
    • ‘The subsequent Rastafarian transformation of this Jewish artist and harmonica player is recalled with sensitivity in his beautiful coffee-table book.’
    • ‘Every shot should be a full-page photo in a coffee-table book, and if you flip through them fast enough, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven.’
    • ‘The photograph is of a 16th century Aberdeenshire farmhouse, taken for a coffee-table book of interiors in 1986.’
    • ‘It's gorgeously produced and illustrated; not too large for your lap, but in all other ways this is a coffee-table book.’
    • ‘The coffee-table book is filled with rich, annotated photographs of everyday items that accompanied Terry on his run.’
    • ‘I'd been lusting after this book for months, but it was very difficult to justify buying what is essentially a coffee-table book for fifty quid.’
    • ‘The models selected by media from around the globe will feature in a coffee-table book to be published this autumn.’
    • ‘Her assignment from the publisher must have been to do a coffee-table book - one of those tomes that, if it had legs, would be a table.’
    • ‘It is not a coffee-table book, nor is it a comprehensive reference work - and it clearly is not intended as either.’