Definition of coffee bean in English:

coffee bean

Pronunciation /ˈkôfē ˈˌbēn/ /ˈkɔfi ˈˌbin/ /ˈkäfē ˈˌbēn/ /ˈkɑfi ˈˌbin/

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  • A seed of the coffee shrub.

    ‘The tiny bark beetle spends its entire larval life inside the coffee berry, which encases the seed, commonly known as the coffee bean.’
    • ‘The smoky black seeds come in green pods the size of a coffee bean.’
    • ‘There is of course ‘Turkish coffee’ or ‘Irish coffee’, but these terms refer to the way of coffee serving rather than to the roots of the coffee bean.’
    • ‘When you pick a red coffee bean off the tree and eat this outside fruit, it's sweet, and the inside membrane is hard and slippery from the mucilaginous coating.’
    • ‘So how is caffeine extracted from the coffee bean?’
    • ‘In its natural state, a coffee bean has plenty of caffeine, protein, acids, water and sugar but very little flavour, and needs to be roasted.’
    • ‘Perfect java begins with roasters who know how to cook a coffee bean.’
    • ‘The coffee bean, as you may know, comes from an evergreen tree that thrives in subtropical climes.’
    • ‘You can really follow the coffee bean throughout the history of philosophy, and come up with extraordinary developments.’
    • ‘If you can't stand the after-taste of garlic, try sucking a coffee bean or nibbling on some fresh parsley.’
    • ‘The coffee bean itself is found inside the pit of a small red cherry that grows on the coffee shrub.’
    • ‘If there's been a run on a particular type of coffee bean, she can zap off a notice to restock while looking at the inventory still sitting in the store's display cases.’
    • ‘There are two types of coffee beans sold on a commercial scale.’
    • ‘Adding a touch of flavored coffee to your regular coffee beans adds a special taste that is uniquely yours.’
    • ‘His chains chinking ominously in the empty house, he found no sign of a coffee maker or coffee beans of any sort.’
    • ‘After the seeds are dried and hulled, they become green coffee beans.’
    • ‘In fact, drinking coffee is far more dangerous: the radioactivity produced naturally by coffee beans is measurable without heating the beans at all.’
    • ‘You can look at the burnished copper coffee machine that roasts and grinds the coffee beans.’
    • ‘This delicious smooth tasting coffee is made using a unique blend of coffee beans from around the world.’
    • ‘The company has a contract to process raw coffee beans for shipment to plants in downtown Jacksonville and Houston.’