Definition of coffee house in English:

coffee house


  • A cafe or other establishment that serves coffee and other refreshments.

    • ‘Four months later Hobgood was having lunch in the coffee house in the basement of St. Bartholomew's Lutheran Church.’
    • ‘We drink it in the smallest coffee house I've ever seen - a place on the silk-vendors street, as wide as its doors.’
    • ‘The Lloyd's insurance market in London was originally a coffee house.’
    • ‘The hotel also has its own coffee house, restaurant and sauna.’
    • ‘I put ‘new’ in quotes because there is of course nothing new about the coffee house in England or in my fascination with cafe life.’
    • ‘Minutes later I was having coffee with my German friend Hanko in the coffee house next to the hotel.’
    • ‘I'd been, well - let's just call it ‘back-packing’ through Turkey, and I'd crawled into a coffee house to escape the midday sun.’
    • ‘In 1784, the hotel housed a coffee house which laid claim to being the most elegant of its kind in Britain, perhaps in Europe.’
    • ‘Coffee lovers should head for Gambrinus, a coffee house in the 19th-century grand style.’
    • ‘The high point of the English coffee house was from 1652 to 1780.’
    • ‘They want to renovate the cottage in the future, possibly into a coffee house, the profits of which could go towards the local charity.’
    • ‘It looks like it belongs in a 1920s coffee house and, I think, adds a touch of class to my desk.’
    • ‘A cup of coffee in a London coffee house sells for $3 - $4.’
    • ‘‘Consumers in Britain are looking around for something else - a third alternative to the coffee house and pub,’ Philip said.’
    • ‘John Frost's 1793 trial opens a discussion of spatial shifts from the civilized sociability of the coffee house to the courts, prison, and the pillory.’
    • ‘Till its recent closure, this locality also had the city's only decent library, as well as a bustling coffee house patronised by the intelligentsia.’
    • ‘At the British base at Basra ‘international airport’ a group of Indians opened a coffee house serving lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos for the British troops.’
    • ‘He says six gunmen opened fire on him as he sat in a coffee house, after having returned from the international donor's conference.’
    • ‘Shopkeepers are being asked dress their shop windows with items from the period while local restaurants and coffee houses are being asked to serve only food of the period.’
    • ‘The thick smoke from Old World coffee houses infects the air, and our feet fly along cobble-stoned back streets to cheap hotels and late night meetings.’


coffee house