Definition of coffee klatsch in English:

coffee klatsch

(also coffee klatch)

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variant spelling of kaffeeklatsch
‘So when they meet to decide how to handle the rumpus, it's an informal coffee klatch of advisers and civil servants perched on the sofas around his desk.’
variant spelling of kaffeeklatsch
  • ‘In the midst of all this I managed to attend the covert coffee klatch with Teach and our other neighbor's Dad in preparation for the big homeowner's meeting tomorrow.’
  • ‘Monday is an example: the gals came over for a coffee klatch / toddler playdate.’
  • ‘Now, I thought we were fighting a war, not running a policy coffee klatch.’
  • ‘As he once pronounced Merlot correctly during an office coffee klatch he has been anointed the company wine expert.’
  • ‘They not only had better coffee, they also invented the virtual coffee klatch.’
  • ‘After a couple of minutes, our gasps of astonishment broke up the creepy coffee klatch.’
  • ‘She had just put in ten hours at the office, her work day cut short by this coffee klatch with a journalist.’
  • ‘Some of the big top movie stars used to have coffee klatsches every day and watch the exercise show.’
  • ‘I'll never forget my second-grade teacher, who used to hold coffee klatches in her home to raise money to get me to the national meets.’
  • ‘At one of the coffee klatches, a developer was caught on tape trying to hand an envelope full of checks to the then party chairman.’
  • ‘He's there for one of Bill's little private coffee klatches.’
  • ‘No, I didn't get very much information for any essay on middle western coffee klatches.’
  • ‘He holds a minimum of eight coffee klatches each month.’
  • ‘It's been a year of receptions and coffee klatches.’
  • ‘Often, company meetings turn out to be more along the lines of coffee klatches than serious meetings.’
  • ‘They shared knowledge in dozens of small ways, from coffee klatches to videoconferencing to streaming in and out of a room covered with Post-It notes.’
  • ‘We imagined a new nation - one where cubicle life and office politics were swapped for coffee klatches at the local coffee shop.’