Definition of coffin nail in English:

coffin nail

Pronunciation /ˈkäfən nāl/ /ˈkɑfən neɪl/


  • A cigarette.

    • ‘those coffin nails are going to hurt your voice’
    • ‘I myself am not a smoker, although I do occasionally indulge in a coffin nail before, say, a nerve-wracking public appearance.’
    • ‘Back in the first world war, cigarettes were known as coffin nails, even then.’
    • ‘Given that lung cancer kills more people each year than colon, breast, and prostate cancer combined, it's easy to understand why cigarettes are sometimes referred to as coffin nails.’
    • ‘Those coffin nails will catch up with you sooner or later.’
    • ‘Somehow, the website managed to deliver quality coffin nails to the States for around $1.50 a pack.’
    • ‘The actor plays a whistleblowing ciggy exec, who suggests the coffin nails might not be as good for you as the advertising promises.’
    • ‘Smokers figure the pleasure derived from smoking today is more desirable than the beneficial future health effects of giving up the coffin nails.’
    • ‘He could see a familiar figure in a white shirt and dark slacks bending down and retrieving what was surely a pack of coffin nails from its belly.’
    • ‘It may not have been a coincidence that, shortly after I gave up, they stopped making that brand of little coffin nails altogether.’
    cig, ciggy, smoke, cancer stick, coffin nail, tube