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  • A joint founder.

    ‘After days of cleaning up and putting away, my co-founders and I left with exactly what many founders of failed start-ups leave with: nothing more than the experience.’
    • ‘She was one of the original 11 co-founders of the magazine.’
    • ‘He was scrupulous about listing himself as a co-founder of Greenpeace and was cagey about how many co-founders there were.’
    • ‘The trio before me represents three of the four co-founders of the theatre group, an ensemble in the midst of preparing for their second production.’
    • ‘The search engine relies on its own brainstorming list to keep innovation at the top of the firm's agenda, its co-founders said.’
    • ‘Back in 1996, the co-founders always wanted to have a weekly session, while coincidentally, Maclean wanted to try his hand at a few students.’
    • ‘The exhibit is called ‘This Is New York,’ and joining us now here in Washington are its two co-founders.’
    • ‘They are professors of medicine at Harvard University and co-founders of Physicians for a National Health Program.’
    • ‘The co-founders of this Internet company founded the business in 1996 and floated in on the stock market in February 2000.’
    • ‘My ‘non-joining’ philosophy even extended to the Congress for Cultural Freedom of which McAuley was one of the co-founders in Australia.’
    • ‘Making clear they ‘do not promote the illegal use of drugs’ the six co-founders are looking to open a forum for debate on the issue under the banner ‘no victim, no crime’.’
    • ‘Speaking to one of the company's co-founders, he nails its success down to a group of similarly-minded people who are very different performers from varying backgrounds.’
    • ‘The editors and co-founders said the new publication was about giving talented writers somewhere to showcase their wares.’
    • ‘The One Nation co-founders have won their bid to get out of jail, after successfully overturning their convictions and their three-year sentences for electoral fraud.’
    • ‘Controversy is not something he and his co-founders shy away from.’
    • ‘She was also one of the co-founders of the recently formed Harvard Club of Bulgaria, a group which is resolved to play an active role in the country's business and political life.’
    • ‘The organization suffered even more when its co-founders acknowledged that they had failed to convert and were in love with each other.’
    • ‘The co-founders and four other employees put in more than $100,000.’
    • ‘Google isn't conventional and neither are its co-founders.’
    • ‘I read your interview with the co-founder of the animal rights group and I must say I never liked this organization.’



/ˈkōfoundər/ /ˈkoʊfaʊndər/