Definición de cognoscente en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˌkäɡnəˈSHentē/ /ˌkɑɡnəˈʃɛnti/ /ˌkänyəˈSHentē/ /ˌkɑnjəˈʃɛnti/

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  • A connoisseur; a discerning expert.

    ‘the art historian as professional, expert, cognoscente, and aficionado’
    • ‘I now find myself joining the cognoscente in the discussion of issues related to the digital delivery of art, especially music, movies and books.’
    • ‘In the rarified air of the college rock cognoscente, this band falls behind perhaps only a few of the best indie bands in swooning acclaim.’
    connoisseur, expert, authority, specialist, pundit, one of the cognoscenti, cognoscente, devotee, appreciator, fan, fanatic, savant


Late 18th century Italian, singular of cognoscenti.