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coil spring

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  • A helical spring made from metal wire or a metal band.

    ‘First the front leaf spring has been dropped in favour of a new coil spring, shock absorber and radius arm setup that anchors the axle to the frame but also adds a second pivot point.’
    • ‘The Great Western II has the standard flat main spring but incorporates a coil spring for the hand.’
    • ‘When released by the gun's mechanical triggers, the coil spring strikers trip a rocker that impacts the firing pin.’
    • ‘Elevated by a simple coil spring, the leaf is click adjustable via a click adjustable elevation screw.’
    • ‘Then the hook, powered by its coil spring, moves right to the bottom of the extraction groove for full engagement and more positive extraction.’
    • ‘Witchger's patent was for an improvement in the drum, where a coil spring and a casing constituted a tape controller enabling the concavo-convex tape ribbon to retract into the drum.’
    • ‘The electrode, which delivers the 150-volt electrical charge to the primer, looks remarkably like a conventional, percussion-type firing pin, but without a coil spring wrapped around it.’
    • ‘The internal firing pin propelled by a coil spring provided an ultra-fast locktime in a period when competing lever-actions still carried heavy external hammers that were a relic of the muzzleloading era.’
    • ‘The biggest change for the 2002 Judy SL is the use of a single-sided coil spring (in the left leg), with the new Air Assist feature.’
    • ‘The barrel shape of the coil spring offers a smaller height with an increased working length thereby providing a larger tolerance between the high voltage terminal and the spark plug head.’
    • ‘Birds have nested in many strange places but few as unusual as the top of a coil spring on a Toyota 4 x 4 Land Cruiser, writes Denis Daly.’
    • ‘Angioplasty involves the insertion of a balloon and the implementation of a stent, which is a flexible coil spring used to support the arteries.’
    • ‘I almost have it completely rebuilt but for the coil spring for the big lever.’
    • ‘The design incorporates a cradle-type frame with an offset coil spring and lower transverse links.’
    • ‘A coil spring around the vertical rod and under the end of the lever provided back pressure.’
    • ‘This instrument consists of a band of aluminium that encircles the tree trunk and is held in place by a coil spring.’
    • ‘Besides exhaust systems, Faller sees other potential applications for Ti on vehicles - including coil springs, driveshafts, brake caliper pistons and door intrusion beams.’
    • ‘Durango's suspension is a new-design independent set-up in the front, and a solid rear axle suspended by coil springs rather than the less-smooth leaf springs of the previous generation Durango.’
    • ‘Flat springs were replaced by coil springs in 1908.’
    • ‘The Explorer now rides on a four-wheel independent suspension with coil springs all around.’


coil spring

/ˈkoil ˌspriNG/ /ˈkɔɪl ˌsprɪŋ/