Definition of coin-operated in English:


(also coin-op)

Pronunciation /ˈkoinˌäpəˌrādəd/ /ˈkɔɪnˌɑpəˌreɪdəd/

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  • Operated by inserting coins in a slot.

    ‘coin-operated telephones’
    • ‘Afghanistan got its first coin-operated public telephones in 1973.’
    • ‘Until 1982 all the UK's coin-operated telephones were made in Dollis Hill.’
    • ‘You may already know that Golden Tee is a staple in sports bars, but what you probably didn't know is that Golden Tee is perhaps the most popular coin-operated video game ever.’
    • ‘From its three viewing decks, tourists peer through coin-operated telescopes at tiny hikers negotiating jagged trails down the multihued valley.’
    • ‘EasyInternetCafé ™ is a great European invention: a coin-operated Internet cafe.’
    • ‘Sometime around 1976 Papa purchased the abandoned filling station next to his business to put in a coin-operated laundromat.’
    • ‘At one time my family owned three coin-operated laundries.’
    • ‘It was into this arena that the first coin-operated arcade game, called Computer Space, was released in 1971.’
    • ‘Mr Nettle, councillor for St Mark's ward and Stratford, said the long-awaited coin-operated trolley system, agreed between the district council and the supermarkets, would not be implemented until the spring.’
    • ‘‘We got a tremendous surge last year because they put those coin-operated nets up for the city,’ says Sheila Barling, president of Mount Pleasant Tennis Club.’
    • ‘Before the sale, Moffett signed a deal with Arthur Kaspar to sell coin-operated newspaper vending boxes made by Kaspar Wire Works of Shiner, Texas.22’
    • ‘The coin-operated Rocking Horse and Space Shuttle were inaugurated on Sunday by the District Collector, A.P.M. Mohammed Hanish, who is the chairman of the council.’
    • ‘Russell's been photographing those little rocking, beeping, coin-operated amusements they put outside supermarkets (well, anywhere actually).’
    • ‘We found Internet access at a place that set up their billing scheme this way: There was a timer on the monitor that was coin-operated, so when your time was up, the monitor shut down.’
    • ‘He banned coin-operated newspaper boxes on street corners, for the simple reason that he considered them an ‘eyesore.’’
    • ‘The toilet is coin-operated and self-flushing.’
    • ‘The more elaborate, animated works recall fun-house attractions such as coin-operated fortune tellers inside fake booths.’
    • ‘The clock section was extended to include mechanical music, the top of the range being a Polyphon coin-operated disc musical box which sold for £2,700.’
    • ‘I wandered through a coin-operated cleaners looking for change.’
    • ‘The coin-operated phone was patented in the USA by William Gray of Hartford, Connecticut.’


  • A machine that is coin-operated.