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  • 1In a way that results from chance despite being very unlikely.

    ‘her dad coincidentally happens to be the accountant at the bank’
    • ‘the three are coincidentally reunited when captured by the enemy’
    • ‘Coincidentally, her love affair with hip hop started on the exact same day she met the eyes of the hip-hop icon.’
    • ‘Not coincidentally, it will be rerouted directly through the artist's environment, thus necessitating its demolition.’
    • ‘Coincidentally, one of the next awards also had a connection with that company.’
    • ‘Two ex-lovers coincidentally find themselves in competition for the same job.’
    • ‘Coincidentally, the model used by the team bore a close resemblance to one devised by climatologists in the 19th century.’
    • ‘The swordsman meets Fong coincidentally, identifies her as a nameless female, and the two become infatuated.’
    • ‘Coincidentally, their arrival occurs just after 22 people have gone missing from a quaint village with a high-tech centerpiece.’
    • ‘Coincidentally, she escapes just as a metamorphosis begins and her accelerated biological clock kicks in.’
    • ‘The two of them have, obviously not coincidentally, taken up work at the same factory.’
    • ‘Coincidentally, today was also the last day that the farm stand will be open for the season.’
    1. 1.1At the same time.
      ‘the report should be published coincidentally with the letter’
      • ‘This enzyme coincidentally converts the chlorate to chlorite, which kills the harmful bacteria.’
      • ‘If we had not coincidentally planned that shutdown, the fatigue from the job would have affected our production for other clients.’
      • ‘The full pressure stage is timed to commence coincidentally with the closing of the press plates.’
      • ‘Even greater prominence was given to the matter as it surfaced almost coincidentally with the outbreak of the war in 1990.’
      • ‘It's curious that the Long Island Lolita is publishing her autobiography coincidentally with the Washington schoolteacher's release from the slammer.’
      • ‘The committee must answer questions about its attacks on the president's record, which he said broke coincidentally with the televised story.’
      • ‘He appeared to assume that railroad costs would move coincidentally with the general price level and that lags in the adjustment did not occur.’
      • ‘Some investigators have suggested that the syndrome may exist coincidentally with other oral conditions.’
      • ‘The trial judge rejected as fanciful such hypotheses as a kangaroo hopping onto the road coincidentally with the car coming the other way.’
      • ‘These environmental changes occurred coincidentally with a period of accelerated extinction.’



/kōinsəˈden(t)əlē/ /koʊɪnsəˈdɛn(t)əli/