Definition of coital in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkōədl/ /ˈkoʊədl/ /ˈkoidl/ /ˈkɔɪdl/



See coitus

‘This rapid ejaculation brings coital activity to an abrupt end and interferes with the sexual satisfaction of both the man and his partner.’
  • ‘One should also note that the most consistent predictor of coital sex is precoital sex.’
  • ‘Condom use was expressed as a proportion defined on the basis of two items: the total number of coital events and the number of coital events in which a condom was used.’
  • ‘For instance, surprisingly, fears of the negative consequences of pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases did not significantly reduce the likelihood of coital debut for either boys or girls in this sample.’
  • ‘Male students who finished their military service were excluded from the sample because they were considered to be adults, under the assumption that they might have had opportunities for coital experiences during their service period.’