Definition of coitus reservatus in English:

coitus reservatus


  • The postponement or avoidance of ejaculation, to prolong sexual intercourse.

    ‘I recommend him to drink - as the locals did - Marsala with the yolks of eggs stirred into it, and wear a medal of San Rocco, patron of coitus reservatus, which could be had in religious-supply shops.’
    • ‘Some occult groups in the 19th and 20th centuries used Tantric coitus reservatus for various reasons.’
    • ‘Older women of Oneida initiated boys into the art of coitus reservatus and older men instructed the young women.’
    • ‘Among these is karezza, or coitus reservatus, a form of coitus in which the man tries to avoid ejaculation.’
    • ‘Another method similar to this is called coitus reservatus, and this was done by the male squeezing the base of penis so that he doesn't ejaculate.’
    • ‘To avoid unwanted pregnancies and to insure maximum pleasure for women, the Oneidans practiced coitus reservatus, or, as Noyes called it, male continence - intercourse without ejaculation.’
    • ‘In my lexicon, coitus reservatus requires non-ejaculation, whereas coitus interruptus allows it, but outside the partner.’
    • ‘In coitus reservatus, an effort is made to refrain from ejaculating.’
    • ‘The paths that included orgasmic and coitus reservatus sex, being more similar to conventional sexuality, have already made their way into many popular books on ‘tantric sex.’’
    • ‘Taoism elevated coitus reservatus, (sexual union uninterrupted by orgasm), into an ethic of righteous living.’
    • ‘The act of putting the penis inside the vagina but deliberately holding back from orgasm has been termed coitus reservatus.’
    • ‘Is it ‘better’ to be aware of the coitus reservatus but ignorant of its religious aspects and the associated the ego work, or to be ignorant altogether?’
    • ‘I once spoke very strongly and not unintentionally in the patient's presence about the harmfulness of coitus reservatus.’
    • ‘The practice of coitus reservatus was referred to in Sanskrit as askanda and was represented in artwork of the time by images of a flaccid lingam known colloquially as ‘down penis’ or nicha medhra.’
    • ‘In coitus reservatus, the meditator-worshipper is thought to retain his semen; and the semen, like a snake, is supposed to wend its way up the spinal column to make contact with the brain, representing a perfect union with the Supreme Being.’
    • ‘Though this book, which draws heavily on Swift and Johnson, is hardly original enough to be recommended for its satire or social commentary, its two chapters on the history of ‘Okalbia, the Happy Valley,’ where the method of preventing overpopulation is evidently coitus reservatus, would probably be of some interest to students of American utopian communities.’
    • ‘Hopeful, but unreliable, natural methods of birth control included coitus reservatus (withholding ejaculation) and coitus interruptus (ejaculating outside the vagina).’
    • ‘Leaving aside the vanity of this claim, it is interesting to note that among the ‘abuses’ of the marital function that Randolph lists are inconsideration and ‘the murderous habit of incompletion of the conjugal rite,’ presumably through coitus reservatus.’


coitus reservatus

/ˌkoidəs ˌrezərˈvātəs/ /ˌkoɪdəs ˌrɛzərˈveɪtəs/ /ˈrezərˌvätəs/ /ˈrɛzərˌvɑtəs/


From coitus + Latin reservatus ‘reserved, kept’.