Definition of colatitude in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkōˈladət(y)o͞od/ /ˌkoʊˈlædət(j)ud/


  • The complement of the latitude; the difference between latitude and 90°.

    ‘If your co-latitude plus the declination of the star is greater than zero, then it will rise above your horizon at least sometime during the year.’
    • ‘Thus the co-latitude of 52 is 90-52 = 38 degrees.’
    • ‘The greatest departures are for beams lying near the limit of our co-latitude range.’
    • ‘Here that would be the angle between OP and the Earth's axis, known as the co-latitude of P.]’
    • ‘Here is a table of the number of daylight hours as a function of the time of year for the first 26 weeks of the solar year, for several co-latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere.’