Definition of cold-molded in English:



  • (of an object) molded from a resin that hardens without being heated.

    ‘He was apologetic about entering wooden-boat races because Jusfine, authentic in every other way, was one of the first boats built in the Caribbean of cold-moulded plywood.’
    • ‘Good cold-molded construction demands high levels of woodworking skill, an area where Goetz excels.’
    • ‘This is not an issue with our cold-molded hulls due to the materials and techniques we use.’
    • ‘The book gives very complete coverage of all aspects of both cold-moulded and strip-planked boatbuilding with many useful diagrams of detail areas in finishing the hulls once they are planked up.’
    • ‘An additional advantage of cold-molded construction for the amateur is that no single piece of the boat is very large or has much surface area.’
    • ‘An important benefit of cold-molded plastics is the relatively low tooling cost usually involved for short-run production.’
    • ‘For years cold-molded wood construction has been used successfully in building small sailing dinghies, competitive rowing shells, cruising sailboats, rugged multi-hulls, and swift powerboats.’
    • ‘Repairs to cold-molded hull planking are carried out by laminating new wood directly in place, having beveled or stepped back the edges of the damaged area.’
    • ‘This new, cold-molded bottom is called a ‘West System’ bottom, after the name-brand of the epoxy which is used in the installation.’
    • ‘Needless to say, the Philadelphia Ship Preservation Guild was not interested in replacing Gazela's spars with cold-moulded versions, and this idea would lay dormant until it came time to think carefully about the rig for TOAD.’