Definition of cold chisel in English:

cold chisel

Pronunciation /kōld ˈCHizəl/ /koʊld ˈtʃɪzəl/


  • A chisel used for cutting metal.

    ‘You'll need the following tools: a utility knife, hammer, cold chisel, hacksaw, flat pry bar, aviation snips, Phillips screwdriver (or a cordless drill/driver), pliers, sanding block and 4-and 8-in. drywall knives.’
    • ‘Many paleontologists carry a geologist's hammer or masonry hammer; rock slabs may be split with this hammer, with this hammer and a cold chisel, or with a stiff-bladed putty knife, depending on their hardness.’
    • ‘Use a cold chisel and mason's hammer (sometimes called an engineer's or hand-drilling hammer) to carefully break the damaged tile into as many pieces as necessary to remove it.’
    • ‘My question is: what damage will the heating of the frame have done and are the small bumps in the tubing from the cold chisel a problem when hammered flat?’
    • ‘Use a cold chisel and a hand-drilling hammer to undercut the edges so the hole is wider at the bottom than it is at the driveway surface.’
    • ‘Using a hammer and a small cold chisel, crack the tile between the holes and pry it away from the wall.’
    • ‘Using a cold chisel and club hammer, chip away the tile, starting in the middle.’
    • ‘Lacking the special wrenches required to remove the bolts that held the wings on, the dockworkers had employed cold chisels on the bolt heads.’
    • ‘A hand cold chisel with a 7/8-inch bit made out of 3/4-inch octagon beryllium was manufactured.’
    • ‘Failing that, use a hacksaw or hammer and cold chisel to cut through it.’
    • ‘Taking off plaster can damage the surface of bricks - soft ones are especially vulnerable - so work carefully with a hammer and cold chisel.’