Definición de cold deck en inglés

cold deck

Pronunciación /kōld dek/ /koʊld dɛk/


  • 1EEUU coloquial A deck of cards which has been dishonestly arranged beforehand.

    ‘This was confounded by some cold decks in tourneys I honestly spent a few months believing the other player had the nuts every time he re-raised me.’
    • ‘This was one of the worst cold decks in recent memory.’
    • ‘So many cold decks, one after the other, makes me wonder what I have to flop to win a pot?’
    • ‘The best player in the world cannot beat cold decks or bad luck, and therefore running well is essential to having a real shot at winning.’
    • ‘What other but cold decks can America unpack to play its games with the rest of the world after it began to feel it was the world's hegemony?’
    • ‘But the strange thing about variance is the cold decks, bad flops, suckouts and bad beats seem to find a way to cluster themselves together.’
    • ‘One application a cheat could use would be to use a false shuffle when a prearranged deck is switched in via a cold deck switch.’
  • 2Norteamericano A pile of logs stored away from the immediate area where logging is taking place.

    ‘Logs in cold decks may be effected by drying shrinkage and insect/fungi attacks during warm weather.’
    • ‘After Christmas the men load the cold decks, using horse, power, onto sleds which are either pulled by horses or trucks or tractors.’
    heap, stack, mound, pyramid, mass, quantity, bundle, clump, bunch, jumble