Definition of cold light in English:

cold light

Pronunciation /kōld līt/ /koʊld laɪt/


  • Light accompanied by little or no heat; luminescence.

    ‘The lights in the necklace, fireflies, and glowing ocean are all caused by chemiluminescence - light made by a chemical reaction that produces light but no heat, cold light.’
    • ‘The boxes are flat against the wall, their cruciform vacancy is lit by the kind of cold light associated with ultraviolet sterilisers.’
    • ‘Leaf illumination was provided by two cold light sources FL - 400 (Walz Inc., Germany).’
    • ‘My times are generally longer than those provided by Gordon Hutchings (I agitate less, optimize for cold light, and seek maximum shadow detail).’
    • ‘The gas inside the tube excites the phosphor, which creates a cold light that will glow for ten years without any external power source.’