Definition of cold-rolled in English:



  • (of metal) having been rolled into sheets while cold, resulting in a smooth, hard finish.

    ‘The highest tariff rate applies to hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel sheets, while tin-plated steel plates carry a 25% tariff.’
    • ‘In March, metal shop owner Karla Aaron ordered 500 sheets of the same cold-rolled steel she bought for $2 each in January.’
    • ‘In June this year, eight major U.S. steelmakers, including Bethlehem Steel Corp. and USX Corp., filed a petition with the Commerce Department and the ITC on the cold-rolled steel products.’
    • ‘Prices for cold-rolled steel and ethylene have already dropped sharply, and auto prices have fallen as much as 20% in the past 12 months.’
    • ‘Glass mosaic tile is used for the backsplash, the countertop is cold-rolled steel, and a storage cabinet of birch includes a built-in hamper to keep dirty clothes from landing on the floor.’



/ˌkōldˈrōld/ /ˌkoʊldˈroʊld/