Definition of cold wave in English:

cold wave

Pronunciation /kōld wāv/ /koʊld weɪv/


  • 1A spell of cold weather over a wide area.

    ‘Unfortunately, the brief showers coupled with a cold wave witnessed during the last week was quick enough to become ‘a matter of the past.’’
    • ‘What we look for is, is there a pattern where there's more heat waves than there are cold waves over a number of years?’
    • ‘‘There will be more rains and after two days a cold wave will enter the region, making things more difficult for the people,’ Muhammad Hanif told reporters.’
    • ‘While the US news media has provided ample coverage of the near-record cold wave, very little is being said this winter about the loss of lives and suffering among those forced to live on the streets.’
    • ‘The current cold wave is just in time for St. Paul's annual Winter Carnival, where workers last night were putting the finishing touches on the ice palace.’
    • ‘‘The cold wave which killed countless animals such as horses, sheep and goats was terribly sad and harsh for the nomads,’ she said.’
    • ‘A cold wave has gripped Baghdad, leaving 16 children dead from exposure.’
    • ‘As a month-long cold wave hammered parts of India, Bangladesh and Nepal, it is the poor who fared the worst in the daily fight against dropping temperatures.’
    • ‘He sells his car to get into the ‘magic gloves’ business, which booms at first due to an unexpected cold wave in Buenos Aires.’
    • ‘Bangladesh is being hit by a cold wave across the country.’
    • ‘Thankfully, I am going to escape the worst of the cold wave, since I will be in Pune and Konkan during the first week of January.’
    • ‘About 150 people reportedly died in a cold wave last winter at this camp.’
    • ‘But will the severe cold wave in North India have any bearing on, say, Bangalore?’
    • ‘Also, I have a lot of plants that grow great 360 days a year, but one devastating cold wave might freeze them.’
    • ‘This morning is was dry, but because of the very early cold wave, very slippery too.’
    • ‘Argentine Labor Ministry officials are intervening to end a strike of natural gas workers, claiming that the strike is creating shortages during a cold wave in central Argentina.’
  • 2A kind of permanent wave for the hair created by applying chemicals at room temperature.

    • ‘Cold waves were now used instead of Marcelle waves.’