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  • 1The quality or condition of being of or at a low or relatively low temperature, especially when compared with the human body.

    ‘the air returned to the bright coldness of winter’
    • ‘the bitter coldness of the British weather’
    • ‘July means winter, but no snow, only coldness and dampness.’
    • ‘The coldness of the weather is evident, and finally the man is allowed to don a bright red cloak to help keep him warm.’
    • ‘The coldness of the starchy salad and the warmth of the juicy burger makes a tasty combination.’
    • ‘The sick person is overtaken by painful cramps in the limbs and a sudden coldness of the body.’
    • ‘By the time I was on the train, a coldness had set in.’
    • ‘The relative coldness of groundwater is exploited to air-condition a house for one-fifth the cost of a standard compressor system.’
    • ‘The skin produces a feeling of coldness, similar to that of holding a frog in your hand.’
    • ‘They have special technologies for ventilating the house and recovering the heat, or the coldness in summer, and reusing it again in the house.’
    • ‘The form of a fold in linen or cotton shows us the resilience or dryness of the fiber, as well as the coldness or warmth of the material.’
    • ‘She waded in up to her hips, hissing at the coldness of the water.’
    1. 1.1A feeling of fear or horror.
      ‘a sudden coldness crept around his heart’
      • ‘He walked forward and a coldness swept over Cecilia, nearly knocking the breath out of her.’
      • ‘Her husband managed to dispel the coldness that was growing inside of her.’
      • ‘Her heart ached as the coldness gripped her.’
      • ‘I had heard their cries but was more concerned with the ever-increasing coldness enveloping my body.’
      • ‘I feel the coldness once again come over me, then I feel the pain from the countless bruises over my body, and the bleeding from my head.’
      • ‘I was very shaken up at this point and could not shake the coldness that stayed with me all the way home.’
      • ‘An indescribable sensation grabs at the back of my neck, as a coldness invades what feels like the center of my skull.’
      • ‘That strange coldness returned, but now she did not fight it, instead allowing it to envelop her.’
      • ‘He passed through another night of coldness and spiritual darkness.’
      • ‘The coldness intensified, her face flushed with despair as every muscle tensed.’
  • 2The quality of lacking affection or warmth of feeling.

    ‘he replied with coldness in his voice’
    • ‘Jim enters the frame, kisses his wife on the lips, reads her coldness, sits down.’
    • ‘Some who knew him think that he suffered from pathological coldness, a deficit of feeling.’
    • ‘She talks more about her mother's coldness.’
    • ‘His mother and he were treated with arctic coldness at the funeral.’
    • ‘In portraying the therapist, her combination of coldness and reluctant vulnerability is spot on.’
    • ‘She expresses only disappointment in him and offense at his coldness to her during the last phone conversation.’
    • ‘It is summer here and yet sometimes I sense an everlasting coldness amongst the city folk.’
    • ‘His self-hatred finds its cruelest expression in his coldness toward his devoted wife.’
    • ‘Her mother would be upset by the coldness with which she herself treats Anne.’
    • ‘During six years of school, what was worse than the pain of the exercises was the coldness of the adults.’
    1. 2.1(in reference to color) the quality of containing pale blue or gray.
      ‘the coldness of his paintings’
      • ‘The uniform color blue signifies a continuous coldness.’
      • ‘This one turned out pretty well, but I am not fond of the coldness of the colors.’
      • ‘It seems to lessen the coldness of the gray and add an inviting warmth to the store design.’
      • ‘I like the contrast between the warm sun on the cement walls and the coldness of the blues in the icy water.’
      • ‘The decorating style is characterized by the sleekness of lines and the coldness of colors.’
      • ‘When we talk about a tonal palette, we are really talking about aesthetic properties like warmth and coldness in color, and not about patterns on an oscilloscope.’



/ˈkōldnəs/ /ˈkoʊldnəs/