Definition of colemanite in English:



  • A white crystalline mineral, typically occurring as glassy prisms, consisting of hydrated calcium borate.

    ‘Boron never occurs as a free element, but always as a compound in minerals such as borax (sodium borate; Na 2 B 4 O 7), colemanite (calcium borate; Ca 2 B 6 O 11), and ulexite (sodium calcium borate; NaCaB 5 O 9).’
    • ‘I have seen realgar inclusions in colemanite turn yellow in a few months (no oxidation possible).’
    • ‘The alternative, calcium hexaborate pentahydrate, is called colemanite and is much less soluble than ulexite.’
    • ‘He recognized that quick exploitation of the rich, extensive, easily accessible colemanite in the Calico mine was the key to consolidating his position as the industry's foremost producer.’
    • ‘Between 1921 and 1925 he began to develop new colemanite holdings in Clark County, Nevada.’



/ˈkōlməˌnīt/ /ˈkoʊlməˌnaɪt/


Named after William T. Coleman(1824–93) + -ite.