Definition of coleopterous in English:


Pronunciation /-tərəs/



See coleopteran

‘Rich in deadwood, these gaps allow the development of new species of coleopterous insects.’
  • ‘A review of the literature revealed that viruses have been found in coleopterous insects.’
  • ‘Trogini based on Trogus is a junior homonym of Trogidae MacLeay, 1819, based on the coleopterous genus Trox Fabricius.’
  • ‘Both adults and immature coleopterous insects belonging to 28-families were collected in the entire agro-forest area with the dominance of scarabaeidae, carabaeidae and coccinellidae.’
  • ‘Now this view of the case enables us at once to explain some of the most striking gaps in the Madeiran coleopterous fauna.’