Definition of coleoptile in English:


Pronunciation /ˌkōlēˈäpˌtəl/ /ˌkoʊliˈɑpˌtəl/


  • A sheath protecting a young shoot tip in a grass or cereal.

    ‘Samples of roots, shoots, coleoptiles, leaves, whole seeds, endosperm, and embryos were taken at the times indicated in the Results.’
    • ‘The coleoptile and all prior sheaths surrounding the fifth leaf were removed down to the seed.’
    • ‘However, in coleoptiles, hypocotyls and epicotyls, gravity can be perceived along the whole length of the responding region and there is no such need to postulate any longitudinal transfer of a message.’
    • ‘In rice, the coleoptiles, leaves and stems all respond to submergence by elongating more quickly.’
    • ‘The aleurone is part of the triploid maize endosperm whereas the coleoptile, scutellum, scutellar node, and root are derived from the developing embryo.’
    covering, cover, case, casing, envelope, sleeve, wrapper


Mid 19th century from Greek koleon ‘sheath’ + ptilon ‘feather’.