Definition of coleorhiza in English:


nounplural noun coleorhizae/-zē/

  • A sheath protecting the root of a germinating grass or cereal grain.

    ‘Indeed, at the end of stage II, scutellum, coleoptile, coleorhiza, primary root primordium, and leaf primordia have already been reported to be present.’
    • ‘Seminal roots do not form a coleorhiza since the scutellar node tissue is already differentiated when seminal roots emerge and can easily be penetrated.’
    • ‘Longitudinal sections of the embryonic root showed that the structures that protect the rootlet, i.e. the root-cap and coleorhiza, were strongly labelled.’
    • ‘The coleoptile and coleorhiza are sheaths that enclose the apical meristem of the shoot and root respectively.’
    • ‘Coleoptiles and coleorhizae are found only in grasses.’
    covering, cover, case, casing, envelope, sleeve, wrapper



/ˌkōlēəˈrīzə/ /ˌkoʊliəˈraɪzə/


Mid 19th century from koleos ‘sheath’ + rhiza ‘root’.