Definition of collapsibility in English:


Pronunciation /kəˌlapsəˈbilitē/


See collapsible

‘It is now firmly established that upper airway collapsibility is markedly increased in either sleeping or anesthetized children with SDB.’
  • ‘To determine the effects of craniofacial characteristics and body habitus on the collapsibility of the pharynx, Watanabe and coworkers measured closing pressures of the passive pharynx in 54 men with sleep-disordered breathing.’
  • ‘The authors concluded that tracheal collapsibility of infants with tracheomalacia can be quantitatively assessed by the static pressure/area relationship of the trachea obtained under general anesthesia and paralysis.’
  • ‘There is, however, compelling evidence that collapsibility is increased in the supine position during sleep and under anesthesia.’
  • ‘Although upper airway anatomy and collapsibility are important, it is clear that central control of upper airway musculature and of ventilation play a role.’