Definition of collar beam in English:

collar beam


  • A horizontal piece of squared timber connecting two rafters and forming with them an A-shaped roof truss.

    • ‘They all survived up on the collar beam save for a small child whom Peter Kinter's wife had on her lap.’
    • ‘Sunday, the other collar beams, the roof-support structure and roof rafters were erected.’
    • ‘Steel rods from the collar beams help support the ceiling of the large G.A.R. hall.’
    • ‘Massive roof rafters or deluxe roof trusses with collar beams are also cut to complement homes with exposed roof systems.’
    • ‘A hoisting beam was attached to two extra collar beams at the front of the house to raise and lower goods and furniture.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the two collar beams were not enough to keep the roof from splaying out at the bottom on the south side, which is open so as not to hit the telescope.’
    • ‘Important interior features including open timber roof with collar beams, long arch braces, 2 tiers of wind braces.’
    • ‘If the collar beams have already been insulated and if there is access to the upper portion, then more insulation may be added as in a normal attic.’
    • ‘A bond or collar beam is necessary if the roof is supported by the walls.’
    • ‘Each pair of rafters with collar beams makes an independent joint.’
    • ‘Frequently a composite collar beam structure was employed, braced by iron tension rods, often set obliquely, to allow for additional headroom.’
    • ‘Sometimes, but rarely, the collar beam is similarly treated, or cut through and supported by additional curved braces’
    • ‘I would keep the horizontal span to less than 12-13 ’, or use knee walls and collar beams.’
    • ‘Above each central arch is a horizontal collar beam, supporting open timber, and scroll work filling the upper parts.’
    • ‘Or, when an attic story has been made into a habitable space or otherwise altered, collar beams or knee walls may have been removed.’
    • ‘Insulate the collar beams and knee walls as shown in Fig.6.3.’
    • ‘There was a great deal of repetitive, careful woodwork in order to create the top rafters, collar beams and the purlins that lock them all together.’
    • ‘The joists to be placed not exceeding 20 inches apart, as also the collar beams; the whole to be well secured, and the roof to be covered with first quality shingles.’
    • ‘The nave roof has close-set collar beams with straight braces and scissor struts, decorative cornices to the wall plates which project and are supported on red sandstone corbels; also one tie-beam truss with king post and arch bracing beneath the collar.’
    • ‘The hammer beams have curved braces from the main posts and support hammer posts which, together with arch braces, support the collar beams.’
    joist, purlin, girder, spar, support, strut, stay, brace, scantling, batten, transom, lintel, stringer, balk, board, timber, plank, lath, rafter