Definition of collarbone in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkälərˌbōn/ /ˈkɑlərˌboʊn/

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  • Either of the pair of bones joining the breastbone to the shoulder blades.

    ‘It's not practical to cast ribs and collarbones (clavicles).’
    Also called clavicle
    • ‘Areas such as collarbones, shoulders, nipples, breasts, bottom, ankles and soles of the feet need special care.’
    • ‘Clark was knocked out and had his jaw broken and his collarbone broken 10 minutes into the game.’
    • ‘Use it to highlight the arch of your brows, cheekbones or collarbones - but don't overdo it or you'll look like something out of Taboo.’
    • ‘Draw your shoulder blades toward each other and feel broad across the collarbones.’
    • ‘The second woman had dislocated her collarbone from her sternum, which rapidly began to swell.’
    • ‘The cable crossover from the low pulleys is a superb way to beef up those upper and inner pec muscles that jut out from your collarbones.’
    • ‘It still hurts my collarbones, but I'd rather have sore collarbones after the race than have other injuries like a neck injury.’
    • ‘The accident left him with limited movement on his right side and he suffered a broken rib cage and collarbone and collapsed lungs.’
    • ‘He suffered broken vertebrae in his neck and broke his collarbone and six ribs.’
    • ‘In addition, the arms are linked through the chest barrel, from shoulder to shoulder, on the yoke of the collarbones, much like an armature, the metal framework on which a sculpture is molded.’
    • ‘On the inhalation, the collarbones lift, the diaphragm flattens and descends, pushing out the belly, and the pelvic floor descends.’
    • ‘Let the collarbones feel open so your shoulders are not like dog-eared pages.’
    • ‘A specialist in Frankfurt has prepared a shoulder brace for Stoner to wear to protect his collarbone.’
    • ‘He let his hand trail down my neck to my collarbone, and then continued down my bare shoulder and down my arm.’
    • ‘My shoulders were going to be avoiding shrugs until my collarbone had recovered.’
    • ‘Since her diagnosis she broke her collarbone, her wrist and her back in a riding accident.’
    • ‘The finished tattoo will cover the area from the collarbone to the elbows, all the back and torso, down to the ankles.’
    • ‘Colin had muscle damage to his back, while Erin fractured her collarbone and a finger.’
    • ‘I've tried to tell her that visible collarbones are considered very attractive nowadays, to which I got a frightfully rhino-like snort from my eavesdropping dad and a pitiful look from my mom.’